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 how to change blcoks

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Posthow to change blcoks

I've tested this quite a bit, and haven't been able to get any of the other designs to work (the Youtube tutorials with a water channel). The only one that appears to work on the XBox is the original design posted in this thread, or small variations thereof.

I also tried involving a water stream into the original design in a number of ways, but that doesn't appear to make any difference (the wool color is determined only by the torch position, not by the water).

Unfortunately, that means we only have 5 possible block data values we can assign to other blocks, since torches only have 5 possible positions:

0x1: Pointing east
0x2: Pointing west
0x3: Pointing south
0x4: Pointing north
0x5: Standing on the floor

You'll need two identical machines, one of them flipped 180 degrees, to get all 5 possible values.
I can confirm that the position of the torch does directly determine the wool color that results:

0x1: Orange
0x2: Magenta
0x3: Light Blue
0x4: Yellow
0x5: Lime

So far, I've been unable to generate any other colors. Also, note that the color of the source wool is irrelevant (an east-pointing torch will change any color wool to orange).

So what other changes can we make? Here are the possible data values for wood blocks:

0x0: Oak wood
0x1: Pine/Spruce wood
0x2: Birch wood
0x3: Jungle wood

Since jungle wood doesn't exist in this version, that means that 3 of the 5 torch positions will result in invalid data values. The wood block will look and behave like Oak, but won't stack with normal oak wood. That's why people have been complaining that the wood doesn't appear to change--only torches pointing East and West will result in a change to Pine and Birch, respectively.

I haven't fully tested all the slab/double slab combinations, but here is what the wiki says:

0x0: Stone Slab
0x1: Sandstone Slab
0x2: Wooden Stone Slab
0x3: Cobblestone Slab
0x4: Brick Slab
0x5: Stone Brick Slab

This last one (the stone brick slab) is the one that appears to crash your inventory, so be cautious. In fact, just messing around with the wool gave me lots of weird invisible block glitches, which makes me really nervous about doing this in anything but a test world.

Other ideas/comments:

Does this work on leaf blocks you've gathered with shears? If so, we could generate saplings of any kind.
Wooden planks didn't get different textures until 1.2.4, so aren't likely to show as different on XBox.
Seems silly, but you could probably transform dry farmland into wet farmland, at least temporarily Posted Image
Would a Lever work instead of a redstone torch? Levers have higher data values depending on where they are placed, and whether the switch is thrown:

Lever values:

0x1: Wall, facing east

0x2: Wall, facing west

0x3: Wall, facing south

0x4: Wall, facing north

0x5: Ground, points south when off

0x6: Ground, points east when off

0x8: If this bit is set, the lever has been thrown and is providing power.

Or buttons, perhaps?
Can you push a cake with a piston? If so, we could eat all but one slice, then return it to nearly full
Redstone repeaters also have different values based on their direction and delay setting, not sure if this would work, or if it would give us other wool colors
Alternate sandstone textures weren't added until 1.2.4, so likely wouldn't work here. But I haven't tried it.

Anyone tested any of these?
Anyone got any of the water-channel versions to work?
Anyone figured out how to generate any wool colors beside Orange, Magenta, Light Blue, Yellow, or Lime?
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how to change blcoks

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